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Car Stereo Installation, Custom Car Lights and Kill Switch Installation

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Car Battery Replacement

If your car is having trouble starting, it could be a sign that it is time to service your battery. If your auto battery needs replacing, look no further than the professional mechanics at Overkill Audio & Accessories.

Car Stereo Installation

If you spend a fair amount of time in your vehicle, it is important to have access to safe and reliable ways to stay connected. Whether that means navigating your way through the backroads, staying in touch with your family, or simply listening to your favorite radio show, having a dependable audio and electronic system is a must.

Custom Auto Parts

As a car owner, you probably have a special bond with your vehicle. You chose it based on your style, your needs, and your budget. But if you think it’s time to intensify the look or drive of your vehicle, it may be time to consider installing aftermarket auto parts.

Custom Car Lights

Are you looking to add a personal touch and enhanced functionality to your vehicle? Consider investing in custom car lights from the specialized team at Overkill Audio & Accessories. From LEDs to projector headlights that give you an extra level of visibility when you’re off-roading, bespoke vehicle lights are a great way to improve the look and safety of your ride.

Suspension Repair

Your vehicle’s suspension system works to keep your wheels on the ground and your ride as safe and smooth as possible. Over time, your suspension system can begin to weaken, causing your vehicle’s performance to suffer.

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